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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Let me start by saying that the restaurant industry attracts some of the best people you will ever meet - truly. The employees can be the best and the customers are awesome... On the flipside of that, it also embraces some of the strangest, quirkiest, weirdest and most troubled folks you’d ever care to get to know! And I am right there in the middle of them all! I enjoy - in fact I relish -  being included with the goofy, silly, ugly, pretty, friendly and downright rude people that make up our industry.

It is because of being included in this mad bunch of depraved, talented, bizarre, artistic and highly intelligent people that has given me cause to Rant! (Oh I could also rave, but where's the fun in that? I will rave from time to time, but now is not the time!) 

And rant I will...
By the way, before I begin my rant this week, I need to mention an incident that was recently witnessed. And by "mention" I mean, "If you ever leave your infant child in their car seat with the window cracked - and choose to leave them in the car while you are in the bar having a drink, we WILL call the police. That's a promise and good Sir, that’s just sick. You know who you are....

Anyway, moving on...Whats with chewing gum while you are drinking beer?  Seriously, its bad enough that you are chewing gum like a cow chewing grass, and now you are gonna pour beer all over it and let the two flavors blend?? Gross. Cut it out. Grow up. And while we are talking about gum – STOP putting your chewed gum under the seats, bar stools  and tables! That’s nasty and people have to remove it!

On another note, we appreciate that you are trying to quit smoking and as a result have an addiction to chewing tobacco and have to ask for a paper cup to spit in, but its gross. It is especially disgusting when the cup is left behind when you leave for another customer to sit down at the bar stool you just vacated and be greeted with your brown, nasty, tobacco juice infused saliva.  PLEASE take the cup with you or ask where the trash is so you can throw it away yourself. Dont leave it up to the bartenders or servers to clean/clear up your drippings.

I just put myself in a bad mood, so I will check back later when I remember the fun stuff not just the annoying! Have a great weekend.

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  1. 2 of my biggest pet peeves! Gum and Chew...at least I am not the only one!