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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thoughts from a Bartender

Here are just 3 things that bartenders notice when dealing with the customers we serve. There are a million more, but will post more when I get the time! Remember Poor “bar etiquette” is universal! Make no mistake, these, amongst others,  are echoed throughout the country at every fancy bar, gin mill or straight up dive. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pub, a nightclub, French, Mexican or Italian in concept or theme.

Have Your Order Ready Before You Flag Me Down!
Hey I know everyone wants to get served as fast as possible. But when we ask you what you would like and you have to raise your index finger at me and ask me to “wait a sec.” That, whether you know it or not, is rude and slows down our servicing of the other patrons in the bar. When that happens, I will inevitably, walk away and tend to a customer who is ready to order. (Preferably with cash in hand).  Also, PLEASE try and order your drinks all at the same time.  Not one by one!.
Jack-Ass Drinks
Hey, everybody goes to Vegas and drinks the gigantic cocktail out of the plastic bong like hurricane glass. And that’s fine. But don’t come to a beer bar, order a Pink Cadillac or get pissed because we don’t carry mango-wildberry infused vodka that is to be poured over  muddled mint leaves and garnished with organic sliced strawberries. Go somewhere else and get that. We don’t carry that stuff.  At some point you need to grow out of the Hawaiian Punch flavored drinks and wine coolers! (HINT:  We can sometimes guess your age by what you order to drink! So that ID better be genuine!)
Shutting You Off
Hey it happens. You are not the first person that has had to be shut off and I am quite certain you wont be the last. If you are a regular, please just trust us. If we think you have had enough, you had, You don’t have to tell us, ”Hey man, you know me!” That’s right we do! And that’s why we are shutting you off! Because you normally don’t act like a dick! And tonight you are! Look, if you think highly enough of us, to spend your money with us, trust that we will take care of you and let you know when you have had enough! As far as the people that we don’t know or don’t know us that choose to come in already wasted – [please stay away. It’s not cool, funny or otherwise acceptable to be  sipping pre made drinking cocktails out of a flask or a water bottle. We will catch you and we will throw you out. 

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  1. So true! I wish everyone knew this!