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Hey, my name is Niall and I own the Tribes Alehouses in Mokena and Tinley Park, IL. I am an avid fan of good food, craft beer, mead and wine and truly believe there is a world where everything can co-exist. In my opinion that world is located in the South suburbs of Chicago! So swing by for a beer, burger or just to say hello to our friends and co-workers. We are not a chain, so enjoy knowing that we all work really hard to ensure you have the best time possible when you come to our little Alehouses! We constantly host special events and specialty tappings, please keep an eye on our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the most current updates of whats going on!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

120 Minute Tapping Today...

Ahh, Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. It's here again, and so will arrive the  inexperienced people that think the best time to come out for a good beer is to show up for the tapping of 120 Minute Imperial IPA. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy and appreciate all of the folks that walk thru or doors on a daily basis. I am more referring to THAT GUY that only orders it due to its high alcohol content. He is not appreciating the nectar like, sweet, incredibly hopped up quality 120 minute delivers regularly.

As an example, if memory serves, there was a guy - who shall remain nameless - that got pissed off when we shut him off (from any more 120) after he quickly downed 2 glasses as if it truly was water. He became belligerent, insulting and obviously had no idea what he was drinking. Needless to say, he left only to return the next morning and apologize to all of us that had worked the night before. According to him: Apparently, after  he left us, he decided to hit another spot for a chilled bottle of that Triple Hops Brewed beer that comes in a fancy bottle with a vortex neck.  When he returned home, his wife was not happy when her hubby walked in, slurring his words and saying he only had a couple of beers. She was not convinced and had him sit outside hoping the cold air would wake him up a bit. (In time for his turkey day dinner). He claimed it gave him time to think about how rude he was to the staff earlier in the evening and decided he would come back and apologize. And apologize he did. Thank you.

Hey friends, I love DFH 120 as much as the next guy. Just enjoy it responsibly as you do with all of your other vices - alcohol or otherwise! and remember, you don't need to be an ass-clown when we make every attempt to guide you even if it eventually leads to us shutting you off!

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